Episode 13: When to DIY Your Website vs When to Hire a Pro with Michelle Pontvert


True story:  Many years ago, when I first launched my business, I thought that having a professional website was essential for my success.

Not knowing anything about building websites, I went on one of those freelance hiring sites and put up a job posting for a website.

I hired a team I thought would do a good job, even though the budget was a bit of a stretch.

Unfortunately, my experience was less than amazing. The team built a pretty basic site, it wasn’t even complete when they just disappeared, and having that website did nothing to bring in paying clients.

Now fortunately, I have a pretty techie husband who was able to figure out web design and set me up with a site that worked and he’s built my sites ever since.  However, I know that not everyone is in this situation and I don’t want you to have to go through the same challenges and frustrations that I did.

And so I’m grateful and excited to share today’s interview with you. Today we’re talking with Michelle Pontvert, a branding and website designer with 12 years of design experience, who specializes in working with overstretched parents with service-based businesses who are ready to scale up their businesses and scale back their overtime.

Michelle lives with her husband and adorable 2 year old in Paris, far from her native Australia or adoptive homeland America, and balances serving her clients and being a hands-on Mum.


Listen to episode 13 as we talk about:


  • The key elements to include in your website (whether you DIY or hire a pro)
  • What matter most when it comes to having a website for your business
  • Exactly what to look for when hiring a web designer
  • How a website can support your business (even if you’re just starting out)


Whether you’re planning to hire a web designer or planning to do it yourself, Michelle has so many great tips and ideas for you, so take a little time and listen now.

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