Episode 15: Email Automations 101 with Bev Feldman


In episode 14, we talked all about creating a lead magnet that your ideal clients will love – so you can build your mailing list with ease.

Today, in episode 15, we’re continuing to build on this by talking all about email automations – what they are, how you can set them up and how they can nurture your relationship with potential clients while freeing up more of your time and energy.

Today, I’m talking with Bev Feldman, Your Personal Tech Fairy! Bev helps service-based solopreneurs to build seamless automations on ConvertKit so that you can save time and increase opportunities to earn money from your business without using icky-feeling marketing techniques. Bev loves geeking out on technology, getting online platforms to fit together like a puzzle so that you can nurture relationships through email while you focus your time & energy on the parts of the business that light you up.


Listen to episode 15 as we talk about:


  • What email automations are (and how they can help your business)
  • Common myths and misconceptions about automations
  • How to build nurture sequences to build your relationship with your audience
  • How to make your emails more personal (to build that ever-important know, like, and trust factor)

Bev has so many great tips and ideas for you, so take a little time to listen now!


Resources Mentioned:

Bev’s website: Yourpersonaltechfairy.com
ConvertKit Opt-in Cheatsheet: yourpersonaltechfairy.com/guide
Connect with Bev on Instagram: instagram.com/your.personaltechfairy
Learn about working with Bev: yourpersonaltechfairy.com/work-with-me


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