Episode 6: How to Give Your Business Message a Makeover with Shi Chen


Have you ever struggled to explain to people exactly what you do and who you serve? 


If you have ever started your own business, you know the challenge of defining your business messaging. 


My guest today has developed a passion for helping others define their message by pushing past limiting beliefs and getting to the core of what they do and who they serve.


Shi Chen is a certified business coach, wife, mama of two daughters, and avid journaler.  She helps coaches, creatives, and online service providers build a solid business foundation with simple visibility, sales, and leadership strategies so they can get fully booked with their dream clients.  With a background in education and an emphasis on mindset, Shi is on a mission to help women create their version of success so they can feel fulfilled in their lives, too. 

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • The 3 big questions you need to be asking yourself when defining your messaging 
  • Shi’s shares her recommendations for figuring out what makes you different and what makes you stand out
  • The importance of knowing who you help and who you serve
  • Valuable tips for getting unstuck in your messaging 
  • The power of gaining confidence through your actions


Even after years in business, I learned so much from Shi’s perspective on business messaging. 


Shi shares how simply taking small steps and continuing until you are consistent is key. 


Remember, when it comes to your messaging, you’re actually positioning yourself as the guide to help support your clients achieve their dream. 

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