Episode 7: How to Overcome Mom Guilt with Karen Herbert


There’s a myth about motherhood that we should somehow be able to do it all. 


It’s that comparison game that always leaves us on the losing end no matter where we stand. 


This feels especially true for those of us that wear the hat of both mom and business owner. 


While we can do a lot, the truth is that anything we say yes to means we’re saying no to something else.


My guest today is Karen Herbert. Karen is a life coach, the founder of Themelios Coaching, and the creator of the Life in Abundance Coaching Program. She specializes in supporting empty nesting and almost-empty nesting moms to thrive through the transition and create their next great season of life. 


Listen in as Karen and I get into all the real feelings of guilt and inadequacy that so many moms struggle with and just how to give yourself grace on this journey we call motherhood.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Why we need to release our guilt surrounding our own weaknesses
  • How negativity bias causes us to respond to expectations and keeps us from making the choices we want to make
  • The importance of getting clear on who you are and freeing yourself from the comparison game. 
  • Just how much of a difference self-compassion makes in allowing yourself to move forward
  • Why we should drop the guilt around asking our family to make sacrifices for each other equally, and instead use the opportunity to lead by example.


This conversation with Karen was so life-giving. My biggest takeaway was if we can choose to give ourselves grace and learn the importance of self-compassion, the pressure to do it all will turn into a willingness to learn as we go. 

Not only that, but the compassion we show ourselves will act as a healthy model to our children that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Resources Mentioned:

Join Karen’s Free Facebook group “Getting Ready for Your Empty Nest”: 


Reach out to Karen at :  karen (at) thmlcoaching.com

Books by Kristin Neff on the topic of Self-Compassion:

Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

Fierce Self-Compassion

24 Character Strengths Survey


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